About us

Bakopoulos Katharios is an Athens law firm specialized in employment law.

The firm provides legal advice, mainly to national and multinational entities, and senior executives, on all areas of individual and collective labour law and at all levels of the Greek court system. It is renowned for its deep legal knowledge and insight into employment law and labour market issues at the Greek and EU level. The firm is prarticularly active in advising clients on matters related to hiring and termination of employment contracts, corporate restructurings, asset/business transfers, personnel downsizing, privatizations and industrial action. The firm represents employers in collective bargaining negotiations with trade unions and works councils as well as in employee consultation and arbitration proceedings. In-court representation of clients is one major pillar of the firm’s activities.

Bakopoulos Katharios is committed to serving clients’ interests in the best possible way by providing high-quality and constructive legal advice that can lead to workable solutions. Building and maintaining long-standing professional relationships with clients, based on mutual trust, is one important aim of the firm.

Bakopoulos Katharios consists of a small team of lawyers with considerable academic background, specialization and professional experience. Their skills are enhanced by the continuous monitoring of developments in legislation and jurisprudence at Greek and EU level. Well-established, long-standing links with first-tier law firms abroad allows Bakopoulos Katharios to handle effectively cross-border cases.

Uncompromising commitment to excellence, steady improvement of skills, dedication to clients’ interests and respect of professional ethics are the core values of its members.

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